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Our studio is fully licensed by Harrow Council for all piercings. We have more than 20 years of piercing experience.

Our piercings are done on a walk-in basis, and there is no need to book!*

We pierce with the recommended medical grade 23 titanium, but also offer grade 316L surgical steel, and 14 karat gold plated titanium.


The highest quality metal we offer for piercing is Titanium. Titanium is silver in colour, and we offer additional gem ball for some piercings (charged at £4 per gem ball). Titanium is low density, high strength, non-toxic, and has a high degree of resistance to minerals, acids, and chlorides. It is also hypoallergenic and biocompatible, which makes for optimal healing, and comfortable wear.

  • Ear Lobes (Single): 

    • £14.99 - £27.99 by gun (dependent on jewellery selected)

    • £15-£25 by needle (dependent on jewellery selected)

  • Ear Lobes (Pair):

    • £21.99 - £39.99 by gun (dependent on jewellery selected)

    • £30 - £40 by needle (dependent on jewellery selected)

  • Ear Work: (Including industrial, inner and outer cartilage) £15-£45

  • Specialist Ear Work: (Including snug and traverse lobe) £15-£45, (dependent on jewellery selected)

  • Nose Work: £15-£45 (dependent on jewellery selected)

  • Abdominal Work: £15-£40 (dependent on jewellery selected)

  • Tongue (standard): £15-£35(dependent on jewellery selected)

  • Mouth (external) £15-£45 (dependent on jewellery selected)

  • Oral (internal): £35

  • Cheek: £30 each

  • Surface: £35

  • Bridge: £35

  • Dermal: 1 for £30 or 2 for £60

  • Nipple: £20-£35 (dependent on jewellery selected)

  • Genital - Male*: £60

  • Genital - Female*: £60

  • Stretching: £10

  • Lobe Stretching (For plugs): £15

  • Changes: Starting from £4

*Appointment required for genital piercings only; please contact the studio to book.

Feel free to call in for inquiries into more specialist work.

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All under 18s will need a parent present, along with legal photo ID for both themselves and their parent.

We offer lobe piercings for everyone over 5 years of age. All under 16 lobe piercings will be conducted with a piercing gun.

We can offer needlework services to those over 16 years of age, with parental consent and ID.*

All piercings are available to those 18 years of age or older, with ID.**

We cannot pierce pregnant or breastfeeding women.

*We cannot offer nipple or genital piercings, to those aged 16 and 17. 

**We maintain the right to exercise 'Challenge 25'. Please do bring along your legal photo ID, especially for nipple and genital piercings. Please be advised that we are only able to accept photo ID which lists your date of birth.

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We have a selection of 316L Surgical Steel, Grade 23 Titanium, and PTFE and Bioplast plastic jewellery available for purchase in-store. 

The jewellery is priced individually, and we offer hoops, labrets, barbells, belly bars and more, in simple and gem-adorned styles!

Unfortunately, we cannot pierce with jewellery from our display cabinets, nor pieces brought to us.

We offer services for cleaning and changing jewellery, as well as aftercare assistance. Our cleaning card offers 4 complimentary visits for a professional clean within the first month after your piercing.

Click here to see some of the jewellery we have on offer

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In order to ensure your piercing heals well and to prevent infection and irritation, make sure to always wash your hands before handling your piercing.

In order to clean your piercing, we recommend that you use a saline solution, applied with a clean cotton bud. 

Clean your piercing at least two times a day, for the entire time of its healing process.

Once cleaned with saline, use another cotton bud to wipe dry.

Ear piercings

In order to keep the piercing site hygienic, ensure that you keep the surrounding hair and skin clean, and change your pillowcases often. To prevent irritation, avoiding sleeping on the piercing, and avoid using headphones until the piercings heal.

With piercings on your ears and face, be wary of your hair or phone.With piercings on your ears and face, be wary of your hair or phone.

Body piercings

With body piercings, avoid tight and restrictive clothing that will rub or catch on your piercing. Have showers instead of baths and be careful to not rub your piercing with a towel.

Cover the abdominal piercing with a breathable plaster for the first couple of hours after the piercing. Afterwards, you may use a breathable plaster if it continues to see irritation.

Oral Piercing 

Was your hands and fingernails thoroughly before cleaning your piercing, as infections may occur if a piercing is not properly cared for. 

Inside the mouth should be cleaned with a non-alcoholic diluted mouthwash, especially after eating. We do not recommend smoking. 

Do not eat or drink anything hot or spicy and avoid dairy. If at all possible, avoid eating anything that requires excessive chewing. Suck on ice and take “Ibuprofen” which can be bought at any pharmacy, to help reduce swelling.

Any pus of fluid that dries on your jewellery should be softened with saline and gently rubbed away with a cotton bud.

As with all piercings, avoid playing with the jewellery, especially soon after the piercing.

If you have any problems, questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to ask us. If you suspect your piercing to be infected, avoid removing the jewellery and contact us as soon as possible.

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Team Grasshopper




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We are now running our £15 piercing offer 7 days a week!

​This includes all piercings except tongue web, surface, dermal, smiley, and genital. ​

We use grade 316L Surgical steel jewellery for all our £15 piercings with the option of upgrading to grade 23 Titanium for £10 extra. 

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