Safe. Sterile. Sturdy.




We have 20 years of piercing experience and have pierced in excess of 120,000 clients. Our studio is licensed by Harrow Council for ALL piercings.

We pierce with medical grade 23 Titanium and grade 316L Surgical steel, recognised by medical devise standards societies. Titanium is hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

A full piercing, dermal anchoring and stretching service is available. We also offer a service for changing/removing jewellery and aftercare services for your piercings. All our piercings come with a cleaning card that allows you to have a professional clean by one of our piercers four times during the first month of healing.

We offer both surface bars and micro dermal anchors for surface piercings, where the external disks/balls are changeable (these are available for purchase at the shop). We do not pierce using skin divers.

Piercing operates on a walk in basis although appointments are necessary for all genital piercings. These procedures may require prior consultation. We do not accept appointments by email.

Clients must be 18 or older (with the exception of ear lobe piercings) and proof of age may be requested. Clients over 16 years old may be pierced with parental permission but ID is always required.

We only pierce with sealed cannula needles, not blades, except for ear lobe piercings, where a piercing gun and pre-packed sterile jewellery may be used instead.

Written after-care instructions are provided to all customers. We stock ranges of quality body piercing jewellery for all areas of the body.



We are now running our £15 piercing offer 7 days a week! ​This includes all piercings except tongue web, surface, dermal, smiley, and genital. ​

We use grade 316L Surgical steel jewellery for all our £15 piercings with the option of upgrading to grade 23 Titanium for £10 extra.