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We are situated in West London, Harrow, Middlesex within a 5min walk from Harrow on-the-Hill Underground – Metropolitan line or 10min walk from Harrow & Wealdstone – Bakerloo line, Midland Rail and British Rail.

Our second studio is situated in West London – Northfields, Ealing within 30 seconds walk from Northfields tube station (Piccadilly line).

The Grasshopper Studio

The Grasshopper Studio

You are welcome to vist our Working enviroment prior to any procedure. Our studio is spacious and clean. We operate a separate, dedicated sterillisation room and apply a strict protocol in cleaning and sterillisation procedures. We are licensed and inspected by HARROW COUNCIL, and comply with all HEALTH AND SAFTEY regulations. All hazardous waste and used needles are removed by an independant, professional contractor for proper registered disposal..

The Grasshopper Age Restrictions

The Grasshopper Age Restrictions

Our studio complies with HARROW COUNCIL’S age restrictions. You must at least 18 years old to be tattooed in our studio. You must be at least 16 years old to be pierced in our studio (expect for nose and ear piercing.) Clients must be be over 18 for genital piercings…

Customers wishing to be pierced, who are under 18 but over 16 must be accompanied by a consenting parent/ legal guardian. Proof of age may be requested..


Piercings Offer 15 Pounds


The Grasshopper Services

Our Tattooists (both male and female) are certified artists, having a wide range of experience and versatile in all aspects of tattooing. We are competent in mainstream and traditional styles as well as portraiture and custom work.

We welcome customer’s personalised designs or incomplete artwork.

Our dedicated artists offer unbiased advice to both the committed enthusiast as well as the merely curious

We have extensive catalogues of “FLASH”, reference, comic, and art books for research, browsing and inspiration. Artist’s portfolios are available for scrutiny. Internet research access available.

Walk-in tattoo slots are welcome all days of the week but are subject to availability and run on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Appointments are to be made in shop upon paying a deposit to ensure the correct price and time frame for the tattooing can be calculated from viewing the design and it’s area of placement. This is why we cannot take appointments or give quotations by telephone or email.

We take health and safety seriously for the welfare of all our customers, which is why we have a strict ‘single-use’ on all needles, ink, ink cups used per customer.

Written after-care instructions are given to our clients. We stock after-care products such as the Bapanthen and After Ink creams.

We are proud of our work, emphasising customer care from original conception through to completed piece and after-care.

A fresh tattoo should be kept covered using cling film for 2-3 hours

Remove the cover after 2-3 hours and rinse your tattoo with soapy lukewarm water. Pat dry using a clean towel. In order to allow the necessary scab to form, it is important to leave your tattoo uncovered after you remove the cling film.

Avoid sleeping on your tattoo for the first few nights.

After the first day, apply antiseptic cream to your tattoo using clean hands (we supply both the Bepanthen and After Ink), as it is essential to keep your tattoo lubricated and moisturised to prevent the scab from cracking. Apply a thin layer of the cream and rub in well 3 times a day.

During the first few days of the healing process, do not allow anyone else to touch your tattoo, as infections can develop easily upon contamination so be sure to keep dirty fingers and clothes away from your tattoo.

Do not pick or scratch the scab. Premature removal of the scab will prevent your skin from healing properly.

Have showers rather than baths for the first two weeks. Soaking in the bath might soften the scab and prematurely remove it, whereas showers will not. Do not scrub your tattoo with a sponge etc..

Avoid swimming either in the sea or swimming pools until your tattoo has completely healed.

Do not expose your tattoo to direct sunlight or sun beds for long periods of time during the inital 2 weeks. This may cause your tattoo to blur or fade.

It is your responsibility to care for your tattoo. Once you leave the studio, look after it. If you have any concerns please consult your tattoo artist, who will be happy to answer your queries and check on the condition of your tattoo…

We have pierced in excess of 20,000 clients.

Our studio is licenced by Harrow Council for ALL piercings

A Full piercing service by either male or female practitioner is available.

We pierce with surgical grade 23 titanium, recognised by medical devise standards societies. Titanium is hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

A full piercing, dermal anchoring and stretching service is available. We also offer a service for changing/removing jewellery.

We offer both surface bars and microdermal anchors for surface piercings, where the external disks/balls are changeable (these are available for purchase at the shop). We do not pierce using skin divers.

Piercing operates on a walk in basis. Appointments are necessary for all genital piercings. These procedures may require prior consultation.

We do not accept appointments by email.

Clients must be 18 or older (with the exception of ear lobe piercings) and proof of age may be requested. Clients over 16 years old may be pierced with written parental permission.

We only pierce with sealed canula needles- not blades, except for ear lobe piercings, where a piercing gun is used.

Written after-care instructions are provided to all customers.

We stock ranges of quality body piercing jewellery for all areas of the body.

Wash your hands and fingernails throughly before cleaning your piercing, as infections may occur if a piercing is not properly cared for.

We recommend you use a saline solution to clean your piercing and apply it with a clean cotton bud.

Always use a cotton bud to dry your piercing after you’ve cleaned the piercing and it’s surrounding area.

Clean your piercing at least three times a day, for the entire time of it’s healing process.

If you have had a ear or facial surface piercing we suggest you change your pillow covers to clean ones every two days.

Try to make sure your piercing gets as much fresh air as possible and the piercing site stays cool and dry.

Periodically dry ear piercings if have long hair, as oils from your hair can coat the piercing and trap dirt and germs.

Abdominal Piercings (Navel, Nipple, etc)

Avoid tight and restrictive clothing that will rub or catch on your piercing.

Have showers instead of baths and do not dry your piercing with a towel.

Abdominal piercings should only only be covered by a breathable plaster within the first couple of hours after the piercing; then at night while you sleep; then, only if its getting aggravated during the day.

Oral Piercing (Lip, Madonna, Tongue, etc)

Inside the mouth should be cleaned with a non-alcoholic diluted mouthwash, especially after eating or smoking.

Do not eat or drink anything hot or spicy.

If at all possible, avoid eating anything that requires excessive chewing.

Suck on ice and take “Ibuprofen” which can be bought at any pharmacy, to help reduce swelling.

Any pus of fluid that dries on your jewellery should be softened with saline and gently rubbed away with a cotton bud.

As with all piercings, avoid playing with the jewellery, especially soon after the piercing.

If you have any problems, questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to ask us. If you suspect your piercing to be infected, avoid removing the jewellery and contact us as soon as possible.

Did your existing permanent make up go wrong?

Are you unhappy with the shape or lack of your eyebrows?

Do you want to create a youthful new look?

Here at The Grasshopper we offer a permanent make up service which will help you achieve your desired results.

The services we offer include:

Eyebrows | Eye Liner (under the eye and on top) | Lip Liner | Full lips | Freckles | Moles | Nipple formation and shape after mastectomy | Discolouring of old permanent make up | Covering and hiding scars | Hair line and more.

Prices start from just £40, please call us on 020 8427 9559 for Harrow or 020 3305 8711 for Northfields/Ealing or pop in one of our studios for more details and to book your appointment now!


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The Grasshopper Tattoo & Piercing Studio


020 8427 9559

We are situated within a 5 min walk from Harrow on-the-Hill underground- Metropolitan line. Or 10 min walk from Harrow and Wealdstone – Bakerloo line and British Rail.


020 3305 8711

Our second studio is situated in West London – Northfields, Ealing within 30 seconds walk from Northfields tube station (Piccadilly line).

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